Wall Top Fencing


Customised Wall Top PVC fencing. Most of our standard fences can be adapted to suit a wall top fixing. The fixing detail to the post is totally dependent on the structural stability of the wall, along with the construction of the fence to be fixed to it. Considerations such as fence weight, height, wall structure and wind loading all have to be taken into account.


Customised Wall Top PVC fencing

Whether you are hoping to add privacy to your backyard or install PVCu privacy fencing to contain your children or pets, Emerald PVCu privacy fencing is an aesthetically-pleasing fencing type that has a traditional look and feel. Emerald fencing is also available as picket fences and is the ideal replacement for concrete fencing, it has a greater tensile strength than concrete fence posts.

it can be cleaned with soapy water, it is colour fast for at least 15 years, it will not crack or split and fence panels can be securely fixed to the Plastic Fence posts to stop the Fence Panels Rattling in the Fence Posts which concrete do and also act as a deterrent against theft. Making it a Good Security Fence.

Supalite Fencing is ideal if your garden fence is next to a footpath, because it is smooth to the touch, pedestrians old and young could brush against the fence posts without snagging their clothes or getting splinters from wood posts or cuts from concrete posts, therefore making it a good Boundary Fence